Help | Exempli Gratia Foundation

Exempli Gratia, which literally means “for the sake of example”, is a movement of ordinary individuals (mostly young professionals, entrepreneurs, and students) who are committed to sharing their passion, time, and resources in the service of helping communities.

Through its Health, Education, Livelihood, and Preparedness (HELP) Program, the Exempli Gratia Foundation (EGF) contributes to nation building by shaping productive and responsible individuals whose mission is to transform one community at a time. EGF builds social bridges that enable key stakeholders in a given area to gather the bricks needed for community and nation building.

Supporting the EGF Core Program is the Socially Motivated Individuals Leading by Example (SMILE) Project, which best describes the EGF’s membership profile. The SMILE Project seeks to inspire more and more ordinary individuals, especially young leaders and students all over the country, to contribute to nation building.


For inquiries, you may contact:

CARLO D. EBRADA, EGF Program Director
(+63) 917-995-3378
Unit 2C, Dian Place, Palanan Village, Makati City, Philippines


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