May 24 | The Belle & Dragon Quiz Night

May 24
The Belle & Dragon Quiz Night

>> The Winning team shall be awarded special Gift Certificates! <<

All entry free proceeds will be going to our featured NGO for

Vision and Mission

Our vision is a world where young people are healthy, educated and free to create and imagine, taking pride and contributing to their communities in a positive manner.
Our mission is to provide education to young people who are unable to attend school in the Philippines. We do this work by convening, engaging, mobilising and supporting hip-hop artists and trained educators in the Philippines who have groups of young people currently engaged in hip-hop practices (dance and music), and by advocating for Kapayapaan across the world, through the organisations global network of hip-hop artists and affiliates.

In 12-18 Months KAPAYAPAAN will educate approximately 40 children in Manila, in partnership with local teachers and arts facilitators, in English, dance and music classes. The program will run across four 10-week terms, and high achievers will have the opportunity to join the development of dance theatre performances, to be scheduled in partnership with MIXMIX Asia Pacific and other key supporters of KAPAYAPAAN.
In 3-5 Years KAPAYAPAAN aims to expand its reach to educate over 100 children by 2017, and work towards building the first hip-hop school in the Philippines. The school will mix hip-hop elements (dance, music and visual art) with education (English, digital literacy) and Filipino cultural practices. KAPAYAPAAN believe that this combination of practices will help to sustain the engagement of young people in education by incorporating youth culture, while preserving cultural understanding through traditional Filipino practices.

We’re looking forward to see you all!

Hosted by the Gracious Sam Miguel

To RSVP please call – +632 625 8828 or text us at +63 917 625 8828


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