Ongoing |Slum Tours

Smokey Tours empowers, educates and trains people from underprivileged communities in Metro Manila by running safe and eye-opening tours. Through our tours, we:

  • Raise awareness about social issues,
  • Inspire individuals to bring about societal change,
  • Use proceeds to improve the living conditions in underprivileged communities; and
  • Bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds.

100% of the proceeds from our Slum Tour are donated to CREST, a local NGO that assist local communities with disaster relief and preparedness. When a typhoon hits Manila, the slum areas get very badly affected. After typhoons or other nature disasters CREST helps with evacuation and provides food and shelter for the victims.

Along with disaster relief, CREST also provides medical and construction training for residents to prepare them for disasters. They also help organize small centers like day care centers. Currently CREST operates in various areas in Manila where the chance of disaster is high.

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