Ongoing | Adopt-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish Philippines

Adopting a wish and making a dream come true for a Wish Child requires  creativity and careful planning. We do not just hand over a wish item but organize special activities for a Wish Child and his or her family so that for a day, they forget that he is sick. A magical experience will transform their sadness and pain to laughter, hope and the belief that anything is possible.

Adopt-A-Wish usually falls into 2 categories of wishes – “I wish to have…” and “I wish to go…”. A sponsor can choose his or her level of involvement with the Adopt-A-Wish process, depending on the amount of time and effort he will be able to give – from being hands-on with every detail, taking charge of some arrangements, attendance on the event itself or only covering the expenses incurred. A Make-A-Wish volunteer will help a sponsor every step to make the wish experience delightful not just for the Wish Child but for the sponsor as well.

1.Decide whether you want to Adopt-A-Wish by yourself, with a partner, with a group of friends or with the company you work for.

2. Determine your working budget. There is a whole range of price variations of wish item/s & expenses depend on the activities incorporated into the program. Examples of some costs to consider include, but are not limited to: wish item/s, venue, food, transportation (Php 300) & Wish Operations Fund (Php 500).

3. A Wish List (with name of Wish Child, Age, Medical condition & Wish) will be provided and the sponsor can choose what wish/es he wants to fulfill. For a list of wishes kindly contact

4. Schedule the event and reserve the venue.

5. Buy the wish item/s.

6. Create an itinerary/program (subject to approval).

7. Prepare décor, costumes & other props as needed.

8. Be ready to have fun, fun, fun!





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