Ongoing: Donations for Bethesda Children’s Home Destroyed by Fire

Non-monetary donations can be sent to Dr Deborah Soriano Mangonon at Bethesda Optical at the 2nd Floor of Baguio Center Mall. 

Cash donations can be coursed through the Calvary Gospel Tabernacle Incorporated, Banco de Oro Savings Account Number 5470021522.

From Rappler

An orphanage operating in Itogon, Benguet, for almost 70 years burned to the ground on Tuesday morning, January 26, displacing its wards.

Donations are being solicited by concerned residents for some 100 children who are under the care of the Bethesda Children’s Home (BCH) and church in Purok Sibal in the village of Tuding.

The fire started at around 10 am, and was contained by firefighters from Itogon, Baguio City, and La Trinidad at 2:45 pm.

No casualty was recorded, but the estimated cost of damage was pegged at P40 million.

The whole church, staff house, clinic, and dormitory were destroyed by fire.

P40-M DAMAGE. Firefighters from Itogon, Baguio, and La Trinidad in Benguet are able to contain the fire at Bethesda orphanage after almost 5 hours. Photo by Rafael C Valencia

The Bethesda Children’s Home is a Christian-run orphanage and school, which was started in 1948 by a female American missionary named Elva Vanderbout.

According to Pastor Dan Soriano, who has been running the orphanage since 1975, their more than 100 wards are either staying at the school while the rest are taken care temporarily by neighbors.

Soriano himself and his twin Ronald used to be wards at Bethesda Children’s Home under the care of Vanderbout.

About 4,000 children had stayed in the “orphanage run by orphans,” as BCH is known.



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